Online October 2023 Class


Those Who Forget the Past – Using Backstory to Enhance Your Novel

Online Workshop with Cynthia Owens

October 1-31


What’s the first thing a construction crew does when building a house? It’s not the walls, the windows, or the doors. The first thing the crew does is dig the foundation. That’s what backstory is to a writer, and it’s one of the most important tools for creating your characters. Backstory not only explains what came before the story began, but also predicts what will happen and how your characters will react to it.


In “Those Who Forget the Past: Using Backstory to Enhance Your Novel,” multi-published author, Cynthia Owens, will give you the tools you need to create your character’s deepest secrets from their past, including:

  • prologues
  • flashbacks
  • dialogue
  • and more.

She will dissect the backstory scene and show you how to weave it into your story. She’ll also show you a new way to plot using backstory.

Join Cynthia Owens on the COFW digital class site as she shows you how to enhance your novel with backstory.
About the Instructor

Cynthia Owens is a white woman with short-cropped red hair. She's leaning against the rail between two stone pillars that show a hint of pretty blue water.

A former journalist and lifelong Hibernophile, I enjoyed a previous career as a reporter/editor for a small chain of community newspapers before returning to my first love, romantic fiction. My stories combine friendship, loyalty, and love…along with Irish settings, heroes and heroines, and sometimes all three.

I teach specialized workshops for writers on a variety of subjects.

You can find out more about me at my website.

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