DATE & TIME   |   February 19th, 2022 – Social at 12:00 PM, Business meeting at 12:30 pm, Speaker at 1:30 pm
LOCATION   |   Meeting will be Hybrid via Zoom and at The Forge Tavern 1375 Bethel Road, Columbus, OH 43220. See below for further instructions.
TOPIC   |   Optimizing Amazon Ads

The Art of Copywriting

Selling books is hard…
…especially if your prospective buyers don’t read the description.
Do you know how to hook a reader?
Typical descriptions convert at 1:30. That means you have to pay for 30 clicks to get one new reader. That’s expensive. With proper copywriting, you can get that down to 1:8 or better.
Would you rather pay for 8 or 30 clicks?
This presentation will be about the art of copywriting, but also what you need to know to “do the math” to understand if you’re profitable.
Data and Copywriting go hand in hand.

Attending Our Hybrid Meeting

Presentation is free for members and prospective members who have not yet visited for two complimentary meetings. For those members who cannot join us in person, join us via Zoom. The password will be posted in the Central Ohio Fiction Writers Google Group, and on the Central Ohio Fiction Writers Facebook page.

If anyone has any questions, or prospective members who would like to Zoom with us, email

About Our Speaker

Brian D. Meeks is a writer with 19 novels and 6 non-fiction titles, including Mastering Amazon Ads and Mastering Amazon Descriptions. He has spoken at all four 20BooksTo50K conferences and built up many lifelong friends from the community. For seven years he’s made his living as an author and copywriter.

On Jan 2, 2022, he accepted a position as the Managing Editor of, a crypto new website. For the last couple weeks, he’s been building his writing team and is excited about this new writing adventure.

All of it began with a single blog post Jan 2, 2010.

Before that, he didn’t like writing.