Aurthor Shari Heinrich

Shari Heinrich

Shari Heinrich (she/her) is an award-winning writer. She writes young adult fantasy where magic drives her characters. Filled with sass and heart, those teens won’t back down when it comes to protecting their friends, their family, or their dreams.

When she’s not out writing in her backyard, you’ll find her there tending a vegetable garden, and looking for ways to deter the deer from eating the crops. Maybe she’s riding her bike, enjoying the central Ohio countryside. When she’s still, it’s to lose herself in a book. Or perhaps she’s playing “ka-bam” with Pern, where he bats down whatever toy she’s throwing up for him. Or perhaps Pern has rested his head on her wrist, pausing the typing mid-keystroke.

The photography bug bit her the same time as the writing bug, which is why she can’t resist bringing her camera when writing outside. She swears she doesn’t use the wildlife for procrastination when characters shyly resist telling their stories.


Placed 18th of 4,650 participants in the 2019 New York City Midnight Short Story Challenge.

1st place, multiple years and divisions, WriterCon Conference



Conclave: Justifying the Margins (2019)

Writing Alone and Other Group Activities (anthology)