DATE & TIME   |   February 18th, 2023 – Social at 12:00 PM, Business meeting at 12:30 pm, Speaker at 1:30 pm or later–after the business meeting concludes.
LOCATION   |   Meeting will be Hybrid via Zoom and Columbus Public Library South High Street Branch, 3540 S. High Street, Columbus, OH 43207. See below for further instructions.
TOPIC   | Donna MacMeans: How to Write a Sizzling Hot Sex Scene

How to Write a Sizzling Hot Sex Scene

Learn How to Make Your Sex Scene Blaze with the Intensity You Want

SEX.  We all know what it is and what goes where in the performance of it.  Afterall, we’re all adults, right?  Books across the centuries have included sex, or, at least alluded to it, in mysteries, mythical epics, and wartime journals.  Much has been made of the skills of prostitutes to courtesans, yet all stories employ the same basic principle of insert A into slot B.  So how is it that some writers, in describing this fundamental act, are known as authors of hot, steamy, sexy love scenes – while others are simply… adequate?  Why do some stories receive scorcher ratings of four and five hot tamales, or flames,  or whatever the current rating romance system is, to describe the “steam” factor of a book? Afterall, isn’t sex just sex?

Donna MacMeans, an author who has received some recognition for writing “hot” historical romance, read a number of romances recommended as having sizzling sex scenes to answer those very questions.  She compared the books to see what they had in common, and how the authors utilized some basic writerly practices to create that much anticipated consummation scene and satisfy the reader’s thirst for a transforming love experience.  We’ll explore sex from the standpoint of science, and from that of literary artistry; from blazing hot romances with the bedroom door shut, to those with the bedroom door flung wide, wide open.  Please note: audience participation is actively encouraged, and mature language is likely to be used.  This workshop is one you won’t want to miss.


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About Our Speaker

Donna MacMeans is an award winning, Amazon best-selling romance author, with many foreign additions including a book turned into a Japanese graphic novel. Her first historical romance manuscript went up for auction among three NY publishers launching her into a career of writing sensuous and witty Victorian historical romance and just-plain-fun paranormal romance. Until she retired to pursue the craft of writing, she was a CPA with a small tax practice. (Let’s face it, writing romance is much more interesting than signing a tax return.) She is a frequent workshop presenter and is both traditionally and independently published. Her short stories and novellas have appeared in five anthologies.

Learn more about Donna at her website.